“Working with Nina Gorbach has been a real privilege from day one. She has used her artistic gift of creativity to capture not just our family’s looks in her sketch, but she amazed us all with her keen ability to grasp the essence of our children’s personalities by simply studying their photos and gathering information, yet never having met them personally. She’s a very warm and exciting person, also wonderfully down to earth. Nina, thank you so much! We will cherish our family portrait always.”

Nina’s portraits capture the soul and essence of her subjects. I’m blessed to have two of Nina’s paintings and every day I am amazed when I look at them. It’s as if there are two additional family members here with me, because by looking into their eyes I feel a complete sense of them. Beautiful artwork!

Nina not only has the ability to create beauty by setting pencil to paper, she is naturally gifted with the ability to inspire and enthuse.

Nina’s artwork is a beautiful treasure, and it has truly blessed our family and home.

Nina’s art hangs proudly on my wall. Her pencil strokes, beautiful and deliberate, conjure and reanimate deep and tender feelings of mother and child. I remember holding my own brand new infant while dazed and unsteady with love; shocked and unprepared to feel totally whole, yet terrified by life’s fragility. Nina’s art is powerful and evocative. It transports us to tender places within our own spirit.

I could write a book on how the emotions in me stir every time I look at one of Nina’s drawings we have titled “Princess Warrior.”

I see the confidence in her stance and depth of love in her eyes, a life that tells a unique story about honoring community. Today she is my community.

The art of Nina Gorbach blesses both my home and my art studio. Both are small spaces, which means the art is very carefully selected. I have been following Nina’s artistic evolution for close to two decades and own life-like drawings of people of indigenous cultures. Most days I talk with one of them, depending upon what kind of advice or inspiration I need. They always come through with the wisdom of the artist speaking wise counsel through her subjects.

To view Nina’s art is to know the depths of her soul. What is the saying? “To look is one thing, but to see is quite another.”

Nina’s artwork comes from such a deep place. Her pencil sketches with pure intention of capturing a moment. Her representation of that moment illustrates the emotion so beautifully, that one can not help but connect instantly with her work. The drawing she created of our daughter, Pearl is remarkable. She captured her spirit and her quiet beauty in a way that is both soft and striking, just like my child. Nina’s talents are unlimited and she continually grows and cultivates her skills. She is one of my very favorite people and artists.